Nether Stowe has a careers programme closely linked to the Government’s Career Strategy. We have developed a programme which informs all students of the wide variety of options and pathways they have available to different jobs and careers. Through the programme we provide support to enable students to make well informed decisions using a variety of internal and external guidance to ensure that they make successful transitions to the next stage of their lives. As a we look at destination data to help inform our planning of the programme, labour market information along with student input to help asses its impact. We also work closely with our Local Enterprise Co-ordinator and Enterprise Advisor to help ensure best practice in line with the Gatsby Benchmarks.

This is an annually produced programme which will be reviewed and updated for September 2023. 

As part of the Government Careers Strategy, Nether Stowe ’s named Career lead is Clare Delaney who can be contacted on / 01543 263446.

Useful document downloads:

Provider Access Policy

Careers Policy

Detailed CEIAG strategy 2022/23

Careers calendar linked to Benchmarks

Careers calendar SOW