It is important that students revise at home. Students should be using our revision strategy of Note It, Map It, Quiz It, which really makes the students think whilst revising and therefore is a much more effective method than reading through their notes.  You can find a copy of the strategy here

Students should prioritise resources from which to revise as follows:

  1. Subject exercise books – the most important source of information from which the student should be revising. It includes key facts and examples of how to answer exam questions
  2. Lessons on Stella – These cover the entire course taught to date, giving an opportunity to revisit topics students find tricky
  3. Asking class teachers for help 
  4. Making use of websites identified by class teachers – These are shared throughout the course but a few carefully selected websites are also listed below.
English Language Seneca Language
Bitesize Language
YouTube Language
English LiteratureLiterature Seneca
 Literature Bitesize
 Literature YouTube
FrenchOak Academy
 BBC Bitesize
HistorySeneca – American Expansion and Consolidation Revision
Seneca – Health and the People Revision
Revision videos – Conflict and Tension in Asia
RE – Religions; Christianity and Islam

Checklist- GCSE RS 2022 guidence
RE – Themes
How to help your child revise for Science
Combined ScienceHigher

Y11 Pre-release Revision Resources
Combined Science Chemistry F
Combined Science Chemistry H
Combined Science Biology H
Combined Science Biology F
Combined Science Physics H
Combined Science Physics F
BBC bite size link

Biology – Y11 Pre-release Revision Resources
Biology PPT

Physics – Y11 Pre-release Revision Resources
Physics PPT

Chemistry – Y11 Pre-release Revision Resources
Chemistry PPT
Art  Y11 Component 3 Activity 4 Client Portfolio
  Y11 Component 3 Activity 2 Development Review