School Uniform and PE Kit

School Uniform

Nether Stowe does not have a different uniform for summer or winter. 

The following items are required as part of the school uniform

  • Black blazer with school badge to be worn at all times
  • White shirt with collar which buttons to the neck and worn tucked in at all times
  • Black skirt – must be knee length and not be of a tight-fitting style or material
  • Black trousers must be plain, formal and of an office style with no visible zips
  • Black V-neck knitted sweater (optional) – plain and long sleeved (no cardigans)
  • School College tie – clip on type which must always be worn
  • Dark socks or plain tights
  • Shoes (boys and girls); plain black leather style in appearance, all shoes must have a heel (less than 2.5 cm)
  • Coat (not a hooded top) which should be plain and dark

            Expectations regarding school uniform will be strictly enforced


  • Training shoes, boots and canvas shoes and shoes with logos are inappropriate footwear for school and they must not be worn. Shoe heel height should be less than 2.5cm. Black plimsolls will be issued to any student who chooses not to follow this instruction.
  • T-shirts, camisoles and blouses/shirts which do not button to the collar, should not be worn; sweatshirts, hooded tops or similar bearing slogans should not be worn either as part of the school uniform or as a school coat.
  • Trousers: jean style, leggings or other tight-legged trousers and those with studs or zipped front pockets are not acceptable.
  • Leather and denim clothing are not acceptable under any circumstances.
  • Hairstyles should be neat with no extremes in style, cut or colour. Hair length should not be less than grade 2.  Long hair must be tied back for all practical subjects.
  • Nose and eyebrow studs and other such visible piercings are NOT ACCEPTABLE and students will be required to remove these items without question.
  • Jewellery should be kept to a minimum – a watch, a signet ring, a single neck chain (not visible)
  • Earrings – students are allowed ONE small pair of stud earrings (one in each ear). Ear stretchers are not allowed and will have to be removed.
  • Make-up is ACTIVELY DISCOURAGED and, if worn at all, should be barely visible. False eyelashes are NOT ACCEPTABLE.
  • Nail varnish must not be worn in Key Stage 3. In Key Stage 4 nails must look natural.  Bright/dark colours are not acceptable and all nail varnish must be removed for practical lessons due to Health and Safety regulations.
  • False nails are not permitted for health and safety reasons.


  • For pupils with incorrect uniform, the school has a stock of uniform which can be loaned out temporarily for the day. This is regularly cleaned and laundered. There is an expectation that, if a pupil is asked to wear this uniform, then they will comply without argument. Refusal to comply will result in the pupil being internally isolated; parents will be contacted.
  • Pupils who do not wear their uniform correctly will be reminded to wear their uniform correctly and given a debit.

Headscarves:  A plain black head scarf may be worn to cover the hair.  Girls who wish to wear headscarves may do so as long as these conform to the requirements listed over:

  • The fabric should be lightweight and black.
  • The headscarves should be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck and the ends tucked in – this conforms to health and safety requirements.
  • Headscarves should be worn so that the collar and tie can be seen.

Jilbab: Under Article 9.2 of the Human Rights Act, the Jilbab is not permitted as part of the uniform.  This decision has been taken by the Governors in consultation with the school community (students, parents and staff).

Further specific examples of permitted and non-permitted items of uniform can be found on the school website.

PE KIT – Essential

  • Plain black shorts/skort with school badge.
  • Plain white polo shirt with school badge
  • Swimsuit/swim shorts, towel
  • White sports socks/Football socks
  • Trainers (not pumps/converse/vans/hi tops)
  • Football boots and shin pads (for football and rugby lessons)

PE KIT – Optional

  • Outdoor reversible shirt with school badge
  • Nether Stowe School black hoodie with school badge
  • Nether Stowe School black fleece with school badge
  • Nether Stowe School black tracksuit bottoms with school badge
  • Nether Stowe School black leggings with school badge
  • Personalised GCSE top (applicable for GCSE course students only)

Please note that leggings and hoodies must have the school badge

Essential Equipment List

 2 Black Pens   15cm Ruler
 Green Pen Compass
 Pencil Protractor
 Pencil Sharpener  Hair bobble (long hair)
 Eraser Scientific Calculator
 Refillable water bottle 

Please ensure that all items of uniform and PE kit are clearly named

All of the school uniform and P.E. kit is available from:

Uniforms Plus, Greenhill, Lichfield

Blueprint Designs, Rugeley

Please ensure that all items of uniform and P.E. kit are clearly named.

Examples of Acceptable and non Acceptable uniform can be found on the following links:

Acceptable Uniform

Non Acceptable Uniform

All of the school uniform and PE kit is available from a range of local suppliers

The school has access to pre-used items of uniform and can help with sourcing other items of required uniform, please contact your child’s appropriate Pastoral Head for support. 

Please ensure that all items of uniform and P.E. kit are clearly named.

Requests for adjustments to uniform shall be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the headteacher and should be raised as a concern in accordance with the ATLP Complaints Policy