Vision & Virtues

Be Respectful. Be Ambitious. Be Resilient.

Our vision for Nether Stowe School:

  • To be a safe, happy, inclusive community in which everyone can flourish and belong and where everyone is valued and respected.
  • To inspire everyone to find their passion and excel.
  • To create great opportunities and experiences supporting everyone to shape and create their future.
  • To make everyone proud of their personal success and achievements and proud to contribute to Nether Stowe, the wider community and society.
  • To care for individuals and build compassionate, assured, moral characters that   value well-being.

Everything we do at Nether Stowe is guided and shaped by three core virtues. We want everyone at Nether Stowe – every pupil and every member of staff – to embody and rise to these qualities

We show consideration for others in school and the wider community.

We celebrate diversity and difference.

We listen to the views and opinions of others.

We use language that is thoughtful and considerate.

We demonstrate kindness and gratitude.

We self-manage and take responsibility for our actions.

We look after and care for the school environment.

We represent the school and wear school uniform with pride.

We celebrate achievement and success – both our own and of others.

We set ourselves challenging goals.

We are ready to go beyond our comfort zone.

We are brave and take risks.

We have the courage to try something different.

We are curious about what other people know and think.

We understand the importance of learning from each other.

We take opportunities.

We learn new behaviours and strive to be the best version of ourselves.

We are not defined by the past, we always look to a positive future.

We are curious and ask deep questions of ourselves and the world around us.

We accept that challenge is essential to success.

We are able to bounce back when we encounter difficulty.

We know that practice makes things easier.

We understand that failing is a part of succeeding.

We strive to solve problems.

We work hard to get better.

We are committed to achieving and even exceeding our goals.

We adapt to the unexpected.

We get involved, supporting our College and school.

We complete independent and home learning.

We attend school even when it feels really difficult.

Mr G Langston-Jones