Home Learning

How to support your child with their home learning.

  • Having a quiet place to study is very important. If you can, set up a quiet space, away from distractions to help your child focus on the task set.
  • Every lunchtime and afterschool the study club is available. Encourage your child to use this to help support with working well on any home learning tasks.
  • Lichfield library is also a great place to visit and work, especially if you need a quiet place to work at the weekend/ holidays.
  • Check Showbie for the details of the home learning tasks set and when they are due. Remind students of approaching deadlines and to help them organise themselves.
  • Encourage the use of the subject knowledge organisers (on Showbie). If/when a student is ‘stuck’ the knowledge organiser is the best place to start before Googling.