Nether Stowe School encourages parents/carers to engage in their child’s career planning, below is a list of useful documents which can support this.

Steps after GCSE Results Day 2023

Apprenticeship guide (All Levels)

Paths to professional careers Parents guide

Year 10 Post-16 Pathways booklet – this gives an overview of possible post-16 options

Entrust list of useful contact – this is an extensive resource list created by our independent Careers advisor from Entrust which covers all post-16 and post-18 career pathways

InvestIN – These provide opportunities for immersive career experiences in a variety of different career sectors

Parent Guide to supporting your child’s career journey is an e-book which covers how you can support your child making key decisions around careers as according to research parents and carers have by far the biggest  influence on young people’s career choices. This guide has been created to help parents and careers take a positive role in your child’s career journey.

Amazing Apprenticeships Parent Packs offer guidance and support if your child wishes to go into an apprenticeship, these are updated monthly:

April 2021

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

We are also fully aware of the range of careers expertise that is available from our parents and carers. If you wish for any further information on how to support your child or if you would like to support our careers programme in any way please contact Miss C Delaney on or 01543 263446.