Reading and Literacy at Nether Stowe

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Mrs S Prescott

Associate Assistant Head

At Nether Stowe school we believe that every child should leave able to read well and with confidence. It is through reading that a person can understand and interact with the world around them, communicate with others and strive for success. Therefore, we believe it is our mission to equip students with the necessary literacy skills to access our inspiring and challenging curriculum, the wider world around them beyond school and the joys that come from immersing yourself in a good book.

To enable our students to become competent and confident readers run a variety of activities in tutor time, Reading, Oracy and Literacy lessons (ROL) at KS3 and bespoke support where needed. We also celebrate several special literacy events throughout the year.

The Importance of Home Reading

ROL Lessons

ROL stands for Reading, Oracy and Literacy. Y7, 8 and 9 students continue to develop their vocabulary, discuss the key themes using key vocabulary and continue to develop a love of reading in these lessons. Students are also expected to continue their reading out of school as part of the KRP for this lesson.

Suggested Reading Lists

Literacy Coffee Mornings