Sixth Form Uniform

  • Black blazer or tailored jacket with a school badge (to worn at all times when walking around the school site).
  • Shirt with collar or smart blouse or plain polo shirt or plain round necked t-shirt (to be worn only with a jacket/blazer).
  • A plain skirt or dress, of suitable material and length in an ‘office’ style, or tailored trousers. Dark, black jeans are permitted but these must not appear to be denim.
  • Plain black/dark brown shoes or boots.
  • Nether Stowe Sixth Form lanyard (to be worn at all times).


  • Trousers – unacceptable items include: blue denim jeans, cargo style trousers, tight jeggings or leggings worn as trousers. Leggings can be worn if a long top/dress is covering them.
  • Hooded Tops must not be worn in school.
  • Blouses – crop tops, low cut tops, and vest tops are not appropriate in school
  • Shoes – must not have logos or writing on them. Trainers and heavy boots are inappropriate footwear and must not be worn. Plain black converse or vans are permitted.


Hair should be neat with no extremes in style, cut or colour and hair length should be not less than Grade 2 (grade 1 haircuts are not allowed in school).


Jewellery should be kept to a minimum – a watch, signet ring, single neck chain and one discrete pair of earrings are acceptable. Nose and eyebrow studs and other such visible piercings are not acceptable and students will be required to remove them. It is not an acceptable excuse for a student to ask to wear unapproved jewellery to prevent a pierced ear or nose from closing up and covering piercings with a plaster or other item is not acceptable.


A head scarf may be worn to cover the hair. The fabric should be lightweight and should be folded under the chin, taken round to the back of the neck and the ends tucked in – this conforms to the health and safety requirements.


Under Article 9.2 of the Human Rights Act, the Jilbab is not permitted as part of the uniform. This decision has been taken by the Governors in consultation with the school community (students, parents and staff).


Debits will be issued to students with incorrect uniform. Refusal to comply will result in the pupil being sent home to change or if this is not possible they will be internally isolated and parents will be contacted.